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How We Operate

What makes Rockport different from other firms is our commitment to helping clients achieve their financial goals through planning and a risk-managed investing approach.

Model Portfolios

Note: This image does not reflect Rockport's specific allocations. It is simply to illustrate different portfolio compositions.

A model portfolio is a diversified system of securities grouped together to provide an expected return with a corresponding level of risk.

The main reason to use models is efficiency of managing client portfolios, ability to monitor a more limited number of securities that have been filtered through a rigorous screening process, and ability to react quicker to inevitable market fluctuations.

We have constructed 13 models that are targeted to various goals depending on a client’s stage in life and risk assessment.

Our Process

Our process starts with quarterly screenings and monitoring of a broad range of securities.

We use 30 indicators (economic, technical, and sentiment) updated monthly to monitor the market and determine if changes in our allocation of risk within each model need to be made.

Our advisors use a software called Riskalyze to assess each individual client’s risk tolerance. We often see disconnect between the amount of risk someone is comfortable taking, and the amount of risk that is reflected in their current portfolio.

We use the Riskalize tool to match your portfolio’s risk with your comfort level. This tool is empowered by transparent, objective, well-defined, actionable expectations and the results are quantified and unemotional.

Once we obtain these results we blend them with your individualized financial situation which includes taxes, age, estate planning needs, income needs, and more. We then can construct the best plan of action for you going forward.

Find out your risk score by clicking HERE.

Fiduciary Standard

All of our advisors are Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF®) which is a designation from the FI360 program that symbolizes the commitment to our client’s best interests. Our firm does not receive commissions, bonuses, or incentives from other institutions for referring their services.